Back to work

Like most freelance photographers my work dried up at the beginning of March with all commissions which were in the diary eithter cancelled or postponed until a later date. With life getting back to some sort of new normal I was delighted to be commissioned by Museums Galleries Scotland recently to shoot a campaign to illustrate the re-opening of a selection of museums around Scotland. HMS Discovery in Dundee was selected for the location of the shoot.

As you might imagine planning for this shoot took longer than normal with a comprehensive risk assessment procedure to be followed. During the shoot physical distancing guidelines were followed and most shots were taken with a long lens.

There was a slight ‘back to school’ feeling in the air driving up to Dundee but after 5 mins shooting it felt like I had never been away.

Some of the images were picked up by The Herald, The Scotsman and The Dundee Courier so the client was very happy. Looking forward to more museums opening up again in the near future.

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