Cinematic Storytelling

I have a passion for cinematic storytelling to create beautifully crafted video content to engage, persuade and motivate your target audience.

Every project is unique and I will work collaboratively with you to ensure that each video is tailored to an exact brief which meets your aims, helping you through the planning process to the shoot and edit.

I generally work as a one-man-crew which helps to keep costs down and my experience allows me to direct, shoot and edit productions. I can also include stills photography to projects and when the commission calls, can enlist experienced colleagues to provide voice over artists, second camera operator and CAA approved drone filming services.

Colour grading and professional royalty free music will give your film a cinematic look and feel which will enhance your brand. And to ensure that you comply with accessibility regulations, I can advise of the use of closed and open captions and subtitles.

Platform and delivery are just as important as the image and your film can be supplied in various formats for use on websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram.

Take a look at some of my work below and please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to chat about filming projects.

In his films for the Scottish Heritage Angel Awards, Rob McDougall manages to convey the very essence of place, project and passion of the people who work so tirelessly to rescue and restore the nation’s heritage. Rob clearly has a gift for discovering the motives behind the passion; the films he produces are a thought provoking and often visually stunning interpretation of the reasons why we believe heritage should be celebrated. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Sarah Miller
Charity Executive
Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation