Tales From the Trust

This commission from the National Trust for Scotland was such a lovely project to be involved in and took me to Crathes Castle, Inverewe Gardens, Falkland Palace and Brodick Castle. It started life as a series of internal Zoom presentations for staff who then decided the stories were so interesting that they should be made into films and shared with the public through National Trust for Scotland social media channels.

This is where I came in. I worked closely with each of the storytellers to create a script which could then be used on a teleprompter for them to read during filming. This made it easier for them to present their stories to camera rather than having to worry about learning lines. On location I shot each presentation with two cameras; camera A as a close up static camera and camera B which was set as a wide angle shot on a two axis motion control slider. I also shot B roll supporting footage using a gimbal to achieve smooth tracking shots. I am a fully licensed drone pilot and was able to capture various shots of each property from the air to help tell each story.

Back in the edit suite I cut the shots together, sourced royalty free music to accompany each film and graded the footage to give it a desired look.

I feel really lucky to be able to travel to amazing locations as part of my job and I hope this shows in the films produced.

Tales from the National Trust’s teams #1: Inverewe from Rob McDougall on Vimeo.

Tales from the National Trust’s teams #2: Crathes Castle, Garden & Estate from Rob McDougall on Vimeo.

Tales from the National Trust’s teams #3: Falkland Palace & Garden from Rob McDougall on Vimeo.

Tales from the National Trust's teams #4: Brodick Castle, Garden & Country Park from Rob McDougall on Vimeo.

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