The Bass Rock

I recently had the pleasure of filming with author Evie Wyld to support her new novel The Bass Rock, which as the name suggests is set in and around North Berwick. I was commissioned by Vintage Books via a recommendation from the Scottish Seabird Centre who I have worked with for a number of years.

Working closely with Vintage we constructed a filming plan which would allow Evie to introduce her book and characters to her audience. Filming took place on Seacliff Beach with permission from the owners and also on board Braveheart which was chartered for the afternoon.

I used a small camera (GH5) for the beach and boat filming and a drone for some of the shots at Seacliff. One of the hazards when using a drone, especially near the sea is birds which have a habit of attacking drones. On this shoot I had to content with an excitable dog who kept jumping up trying to catch the drone as I was carrying out some low flying drone shots over Evie.

You can find out more about Evie here:

THE BASS ROCK by Evie Wyld from Rob McDougall on Vimeo.

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